Mission and Vision

Our Mission
  The evolution of investment thought in the field of investment and business sector eager us to provide solutions, services and capabilities to keep pace with the aspirations and goals of the local and international market in general. With administrative support under the supervision of high professionalism and provide all the possibilities for the completion of projects and keep abreast of developments. We started to work through the establishment of a AL-AJLAN GOLBAL  group, and we are determined the will to achieve inter-appointed goals and aspirations, seeking to reach it after depending on God through diligent and hard work with all the professionalism and commitment of the Secretariat

Our Vision

AL-AJLAN GOLBAL  will has a growing influence in the global and local markets, with a focus on serving our customers and the commitment to promote financial growth for our partners, and provide a competitive business environment to fulfillment outstanding achievement for our employees, and to contribute generously to achieve development and prosperity of our societies.