Medical and rehabilitation sector


The Medical and Rehabilitation Sector is one of Al-Ajlan Global’s successful and useful projects eager to establish a couple of medical plans through hospitals, physical therapy centers, rehabilitation and medical centers that meet the many needs of citizens as well as our brothers who reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Czech Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

It Is considered one of its kind in the K.S.A. in terms of the treatment method and equipment which used to follow the Czech Physical Therapy approach - one of the best physiotherapy ways in the world-This center addresses and qualifies more than 500 patients a day, receiving the treatment at the hands of the best Czechs experts according to the latest physical therapy programs, Which give the patient the treatment program intensively according to his health, This role is not limited on the presentation of excellence service of medical excellence to his patients only , but also to wider horizons, Where we believe -and we are sure -that we as a therapeutic and a national official center must play an active role in community for the advancement of his children and this is the responsibility of every citizen. We are the Czech Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation keep dried our eyes serve our community at first and win the confidence of our patients and support them to reach the best results, Hoping to become one of the Medical edifices, which provides therapeutic services with a high level by the presence of specialists team and technicians who are working to reach the high rank,By God willing