Food and catering sector


 Al-Ajlan Global has honorably entered the comestible sector through Biliar Gourmet Company, which produces different kinds of delightful desserts as well as offering designing services specially for weddings and different events.

Mr. AbdulRahman Al-Zeir, the famous Saudi designer and the current operator of Biliar Company, is rated as the seventh wedding-planner in the world, he has been involved in this sector since 1991, planning many weddings and events for many VIPs worldwide.

Today, Biliar has successfully established a centralized kitchen capable of producing more than 14,000 meal per day.

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Biliar Gourmet

Biliar Gourmet has been established in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia in 2012, and provides different services such as delightful chocolates and desserts, roses and flowers for all occasions, weddings and events planning, owning a centralized kitchen that is capable to produce more than 14,000 meal per day.