Renewable Energy


AL-AJLAN GLOBAL has recently joined the Renewable Energy field through The White Energy Company, completely owned by Al-Ajlan Global.

In February 2014 Al-Ajlan Global signed a contract with the British Company “IG” in the United Kingdom to build a Solar cell production factory in Saudi Arabia. The contract signing event was attended by the Saudi Ambassador in Britain, his Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin AbdulAziz Al-Saoud and the Saudi Minister of commerce and industry Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabi’a.

Alajlan-global aims to build the factory in Sudair industrial city. Under the auspices of Saudi government to economize and reduce the waste of the countries wealth of natural gas and oil. This productive factory is guaranteed to be one of the biggest solar energy factories around. The latest technologies and the highest of quality standards are going to be utilized in the factory, in order to successfully produce 100 megawatt annually.

In May 2014 Al-Ajlan Global and Innovation Green, with the participation of local and international universities, concluded a workshop aiming to bring new sustainable construction techniques into the kingdom. We discussed the importance of building solar energy research-centers, sustainable building materials as well as an experiment field for testing and observing photovoltaic technologies and solar thermal technology in Riyadh. This experimental field to-be is supposed to supply the Kingdoms renewal energy projects in terms of its required research, studies and specific standard operating procedures, in order to execute the projects properly.

The “White Energy Company” is going to be responsible for managing several sustainable development projects, including its own sustainable technologies and research results held in the built environment. They will be the most practical actual application in the buildings and the environmental communities in KSA.

For more informations please visit http://white-energy.com.sa/